ICBF ordered to close a home where three girls had been abused

After the citizen complaint of the alleged sexual abuse against three girls in a group home in Pereira, Risaralda, the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare, ICBF ordered this child development center to be closed, further confirming that all boys and girls that were cared for in the place were relocated.

“A team from the Comprehensive Attention Center for Victims of Sexual violence advanced the ratings to initiate the processes of reestablishing the rights of each of the girls, so that they can receive all the medical care and psychosocial required. At the time that an elite group Guardian of the Childhood moved to the place to do the accompaniment to all beneficiaries of the group home and establish responsibilitiesThe Prosecutor’s Office will also support the criminal investigation, ”said the ICBF.

These teams that will be accompanying the investigation, said the ICBF, are made up of 16 professionals specialized in the areas of clinical, forensic psychology and a legal professional.

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