Ice cream shop employee stabbed in assault

The Sherbet ice cream parlor where the attack occurred / Demian Alday

The crime hits in the North zone with the force of the one that goes back to take clean and jerk. After a relative calm, in the last hours two criminals stabbed an employee of an ice cream parlor in City Bell, who ended up hospitalized despite not having offered more resistance than necessary to avoid the blows.

It was between 4.30 pm and 5 pm on Tuesday, when there was no one in the place other than “a co-worker who was covering a franc for me,” said another employee in a heads-up that he held with this newspaper at the premises of the “Sherbet” ice cream parlor, at the corner of 19 and 473, where it all happened.

Under these circumstances, two subjects burst in with their faces uncovered and a very different attitude from that of any customer who is going to choose the tastes of an ice cream. As soon as they entered, they faced the 18-year-old victim and displayed a knife as an introduction.

“I don’t know yet if there was a struggle or if they hit him both for no reason. Later they took him to a hospital and luckily the doctors saw that the wounds were not deep ”, added his partner.

Official sources reported that the attackers did not “say a word” before attempting to stab the employee, who stepped back to free himself and received cuts on both thighs.

According to the other worker, at that time “the entrance to the ice cream parlor was without the gate that we put on the door after 8 pm; But with what happened now, we decided to work during the day with the gate in front ”, he stated, without ignoring that the incident showed“ that even in broad daylight they come to rob you ”.

The attackers fled the scene taking a backpack, a cell phone and cash, for a sum that did not reveal.

While they were driving away from the area in a white Volkswagen Saveiro van, the boy asked the neighbors for help, who took care of calling 911 and the Same ambulance, which a while later took him to the San Martín hospital.

After receiving assistance, the young man returned home. There he is “resting now, so he can recover calmly,” said his partner.

The Commando policemen who came to the complaint looked for witnesses in the surroundings to be able to reconstruct the escape of the thieves. They thus obtained a description of the vehicle in which they were mobilized, although the bolt operation that they deployed in the surroundings was lifted without results. They are also trying to get clues of what the private security and public monitoring cameras installed in the surroundings filmed.

At the Tenth Police Station, proceedings were initiated for “consummated robbery and injuries”, by the Tenth Police Station. The UFI 9 intervenes, which summoned the experts from Científica to work on the scene.


On the other hand, a few blocks away, also on Tuesday, a 11-year-old girl was delayed after she tried to steal merchandise from a party located at 473 between 13a and 13b, along with two minors who managed to escape before they the first patrol car will arrive.

They transferred her to the Tenth Police Station to make her available to the Youth Prosecutor’s Office, which arranged for her to be handed over to the responsible adults.

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