Ideas for a different kind of Advent for young and old

Also this year there is a Christmas tree in the parish of St. Martin for concerns and wishes.
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The Catholic Church in Dornbirn is again offering numerous impulses for the pre-Christmas period this year.

Dornbirn. This year 2021, Advent begins quietly. The shops are closed, no Christmas market, curfew, home office, the children sometimes not in school – “The world has become quieter. Silence outside – this year maybe a very special invitation to give space to silence inside as well, ”emphasizes Nora Bösch, pastoral and community leader in the parish of St. Martin in Dornbirn.

However, the church in Dornbirn would like to provide suggestions and ideas that can help to listen to this silence and, despite many restrictions, to ensure a contemplative Advent season for young and old.

So you can find it on the homepage including a “sustainable” Advent calendar with an impulse for every day.

The Catholic youth also gave a lot of thought. “The pandemic has changed everything again. This year the Advent and Christmas seasons will be different. Because it’s the special moments & the tiny things that make you happy and satisfied, we went looking again and picked out a few interesting things, because there’s a lot going on on social media and online, ”explains youth coordinator Anna Maria Lau. The young people can browse through a variety of ideas for Advent and pastime. “In spite of everything, nothing stands in the way of Advent – at this special time of the year”, says Lau.

Unfortunately, St. Nicholas cannot visit the families again this year. In the near future there will also be tips and suggestions on the homepage on how you can still design a nice St. Nicholas celebration for the whole family.

In terms of Advent bazaars, too, things had to be rethought this year. Most parishes in Dornbirn offer a pick-up service and the option of placing orders in the respective parish offices.

Throughout Advent there are also numerous masses with children’s elements as well as a youth mass (Saturday, November 27th at 6.30 p.m.) and a family mass with Advent wreath blessing in the parish church of Haselstauden (Sunday, November 28th, 9 a.m.). There is also a family mass for St.Martin in St. Martin on December 5th. at 10.30 am. A blessing for pregnant women is planned for December 12th at 5:00 p.m. in the parish church of Hatlerdorf and the Rorate services will also take place in the various parishes. The Carl Lampert Chapel in Dornbirn-Markt is also accessible at any time during Advent. With the motto “listening to the silence”, you can approach the pre-Christmas season a little more quietly.

Tie your hope to a star

There will also be Advent corners for children in 2021 in the churches of St. Martin and in Oberdorf. “What we absolutely wanted to do again this year was our ‘Hope Christmas Tree’, which was very well received last year,” said Bösch. People can hang a star with their request on a pine tree in the parish church of St. Martin and entrust it to God. And “hope” is the word of the hour – the little tree in St. Martin should be adorned with numerous stars again. (cth)

All ideas and impulses can be found on the homepage of the Catholic Church Dornbirn, which is constantly updated:

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