Ídolo del Cacique asks for Gil’s renewal: “They should do everything possible”

Happy days are those that Colo Colo is living, who comes from defeating Everton 2-0 at the Monumental Stadium and marches as the absolute leader of the 2021 National Championship five points behind his escorts.

One of the mainstays for the Cacique to be the exclusive leader of the tournament is Leonardo Gil, who has been a key player in the middle of the field, contributing in distribution, defense and also standing out with his remarkable punch.

One who appreciated the tremendous contribution of the national midfielder was Severino Vasconcelos, one of the great players who has worn the Popular shirt. And in conversation with Radio ADN, the idol of Popular highlighted Gil and made a call to the leadership.

In the first instance, the former midfielder argued that “I was surprised. He arrived at Colo Colo and he is showing that he is a responsible player, that he never stops running, scores well and has good command of the ball and free throws. I should have a chance at the national team “.

Later, Vasconcelos made a call to the leadership, pointing out that “He’s on the right track, you can tell he’s wearing the Colo Colo shirt and he deserves to continue. I think the board should do everything possible to have a good contract with him “.

Without a doubt that Leonardo Gil has become Popular’s best player in this 2021 season and thanks to his tremendous punch he already adds seven so many, all of good workmanship. In addition, he managed to be called for a micro-cycle of the Chilean team.

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