If debt continues to grow, they will bankrupt the country: Anaya

CDMX.- The debt that the Government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador has acquired can lead the Republic to bankruptcy, warned former presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya.

In his weekly video, the former PAN leader proposed allocating “real resources to real priorities” and redirecting them to health care, education and public infrastructure.

Anaya recalled that López Obrador promised not to indebt Mexico, although in reality he has broken his word.

“He repeated it until he got tired. But the debt did increase and a lot,” he said before showing a graph that showed that the debt had grown to a bag of 2 billion pesos in this government.

“With this government, the debt has increased so much that just interest, the government will have to pay more than one billion pesos next year. If we continue at this rate, the country will end up in ruin,” he warned.

Anaya noted that, with that bag, it would be enough to buy 366 planes like the ones that the Tabascan has wanted to put up for sale.

“If the debt continues to grow at this rate, they are going to bankrupt the country. And here the problem is that the López Obrador government is spending in a crazy ball, for example, in an absurd refinery.”

The man from Queretaro would highlight the fact “that the government is borrowing too much and is wasting the money of the Mexicans. They are lying to us and they are going to lead us to ruin. A change of direction is urgent: let us allocate real resources to real priorities. No more pharaonic works: let’s invest in health, in education, in infrastructure. And let’s go towards prosperity with a rational economic policy, not of occurrences “.

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