If Falcón receives yellow against Huachipato, he does not play against UC

Maximiliano Falcón is one of the best players that Colo Colo currently has. El Peluca endured being on the bench for some games and, since he took office, he has shown why he is a key player.

Together with Emiliano Amor they have shown that they are a great central couple and that they provide security, something that was not seen in the club for a long time. Today the defense is well covered.

This Saturday an important match is coming in Colo Colo, where Maximiliano Falcón will have to play carefully, all this because El Peluca has four yellow cards in his body.

If Falcón is cautioned in the match against Huachipato this weekend, he will miss the classic with Universidad Católica, one of the games that can define the 2021 National Championship.

Maximiliano Falcón in Colo Colo

It is worth mentioning that if a player receives five yellow cards in the 2021 National Championship, the suspension runs for the next sub game, in the case of Colo Colo it would be the Cruzado team.

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