‘If I don’t solve a shortage, I’ll stop calling Andrés Manuel’

Antonio Baranda and Claudia Guerrero / Reformation

Thursday, November 25, 2021 | 12:40

Zacatecas.- The President of Mexico assured that if the issue of the shortage of medicines is not resolved, Andrés Manuel will stop calling.

He insisted that the drugs have already been purchased but have not been distributed.

“On Monday we are going to have a meeting, it is like finishing the supply, that has already been achieved, the medicine has already been bought, but now it is the distribution, because it turns out that the medicine was bought and a contract was made with some distribution companies and I do not know if due to inefficiency or bad faith, they did not distribute the drugs, “he said at a conference from Zacatecas.

“So now we are going to everyone, just as vaccines are distributed, we are going to distribute medicines to the most remote villages, they will not be absent, I stop calling Andrés Manuel.”

The President criticized that the lack of distribution is related to those who want the money, but indicated that it will be the Army who will be in charge of the distribution, even in the most distant towns.

“This is like an obstacle course, because they are very hungry for money, money is for them, as Hidalgo, their God, said,” he said.

“But we are going to beat the soft drinks and the chips, of course!”

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