If the US has a job, why won’t people move ?: Ebrard

César Martínez / Reform Agency

Thursday, November 25, 2021 | 21:52

Mexico City— Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard blamed the lack of manpower in the United States for the people of Central America to migrate north, for which he asked to address the causes and abandon the ideas of “miracle solutions.”

The official participated tonight in the general assembly of associates of the Mexican Council for International Affairs (Comexi), where he also defended Mexico’s position before the regimes of Venezuela and Cuba, and recognized that the consumption of fentanyl is already a challenge for Mexico.

“There is a demographic issue in the United States, the largest economy in the world has a decreasing (population) growth rate, so its need for people will continue to be very important, which is a very considerable magnet,” he commented when questioned. on the immigration issue.

In that sense, he questioned what he said was an immigration model of the last century and proposed establishing rules, requirements and deadlines for those who intend to work in the United States.

“If you have (the US) such a high job offer, and Central America has such low per capita income and economic growth rates, why do you suppose that people are not going to move?” He asked.

“I call it ‘magic realism’, they are not going to move who knows why, of course they are going to move. working”.

Regarding the relationship with Venezuela, the foreign minister revealed that at the Montevideo summit, in February 2019, the European Union demanded that Mexico not follow them in recognizing Juan Guaidó as Venezuelan president.

“What did Mexico say? Hey, that is not going to work, the only possible way out is political, what they are proposing in essence is: we are going to recognize Guaidó, we are going to promote a division of the regime and then we are going to replace the regime, and we are not going to go in this one, “he said.

“What happened? Well, it didn’t work. What would we have gained if we had joined all the countries that were in the strategy that I have just described? Nothing. Many times you have to resist immediate pressures.”

The same is Cuba, he said, because it does not see that Mexico should now change its position, because they do not see that something different will be achieved with that.

“Mx’s position will be to respect its constitutional principle of non-intervention.”

Regarding the fight against drugs, he assured that the policies of Joe Biden and Andrés Manuel López Obrador are similar, to combat consumption and leave the paradigm of the war on drugs.

“We already have fentanyl consumers in Mexico, do not think that it is not our problem, it is our problem,” he acknowledged.

In his initial presentation, the Chancellor admitted that the change of government in the United States, when the Donald Trump administration ended, has been one of the greatest challenges they have faced, just after the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, he assured that the current relationship with the United States is solid and good.

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