If you are a LOL fan you can’t miss these Logitech accessories

Through a press release, Logitech has announced that it has entered into an agreement with the software house Riot Games for the creation of a series of accessories dedicated to the popular League Of Legends limited edition. Specifically, the products in question are the cuffie da gaming Logitech G PRO X, the mouse da gaming Logitech G PRO Wireless, the Logitech G mechanical gaming keyboard, and the mousepad Logitech G 840 XL.

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Peter Kingsley, CMO of Logitech G, said:

When you love a game like League of Legends, you immerse yourself in it as if it were your real world. We built this collection in collaboration with the League of Legends team, based on the idea of ​​combining our professional-grade products and technologies with the iconic Hextech designs of League of Legends. The headphones, keyboard, mouse and mousepad are coated in special League colors, creating a unique collection designed to inspire gamers around the world.

In response, Ashley Maidy, Head of Consumer Products at Riot Games, said:

We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Logitech G. They have been fantastic partners when it came to enhancing the player experience and bringing League of Legends to life. The new pro-level collection elevates the experience of any gamer, translating our League of Legends Hextech technology into elegant performance-focused products.

The articles, which reflect the high technical characteristics of the “classic” series, will certainly capture the attention of enthusiasts due to their aesthetic appearance, not to mention the high performance guaranteed by them.

Credit Logitech
Logitech League Of Legends

All Logitech G collectible limited edition League of Legends products will be available starting from 1 November. Here are the official prices:

  • Cuffie da Gaming Logitech G PRO X League of Legends Edition – 129,99€
  • Tastiera da Gaming Logitech G Meccanica League of Legends Edition – 129,99€
  • Mouse da Gaming Logitech G PRO Wireless League of Legends Edition – 129,99€
  • MousePad Logitech G 840 XL League of Legends Edition – 49,99€

For more details, we advise you to consult directly the official site.

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