If you have this 20-peso bill, they can pay you up to 150,000 pesos

The 20 peso bills they tend to last very little in the pockets of Mexicans; however, from now on we will have to take a closer look before getting rid of them, since one of these specimens can be worth up to 150 thousand pesos if you meet certain requirements.

Among the copies of paper money that stand out these days, we find that the banknotes that have not yet been in circulation are those that not only have an exorbitant nominal value, but also turn out to be the most sought after by collectors. However, it is important to emphasize that this type of currency must meet certain characteristics in order to be sold.

Within this context, we find that there is a 20-peso bill that has attracted attention on the internet, because it is a copy that is a unique piece of its kind and that it was issued by the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) and that it was put into circulation in May 2020. But, what makes this ticket unique and why do they pay up to 150 thousand pesos? Below we will answer these questions and tell you what characteristics it must meet.

Characteristics of the 20 pesos bill for which they pay up to 150 thousand

In Free market a user put up for sale a 20 pesos bill which belongs to the G family, and which is from the AA series; Said seller is offering the piece at a price of 7,500 dollars, an equivalent of 150,000 Mexican pesos. Among the main characteristics of this banknote, it is worth noting that it was one of those issued on the occasion of the bicentennial of the Independence of Mexico.

This 20-peso bill was put into circulation on May 6, 2020, among collectors this paper money is one of the most sought after since it belongs to the AA series, as it was the first issued by the Bank of Mexico. To give you an idea of ​​what this piece looks like, here is a photo of the item for which they pay up to 150 thousand pesos.

However, remember that said 20-peso bill must meet the aforementioned characteristics, but must also have the fragment “Solemne and peaceful entry of the army of the three guarantees to Mexico City on September 27 of the memorable year of 1821 ”. In addition, to your left you should find the Flag of the Army of the Three Guarantees and, to the right, the Flag of Mexico. If you have this ticket, you can offer it in Mercado Libre.

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