If you have wanted to work for Uber, find out how much one earns in Mexico

Work in Uber It can be one of the most complicated jobs, but at the same time easy depending on the profit you have and the expenses that this work implies.

Many have wondered how much money an Uber driver earns per week or per month to see if it’s worth it to keep working inside your car.

According to the Uber page, salaries can vary depending on the clients, both the distance and the number of trips they travel per day.

How much does an Uber driver earn?


As we mentioned earlier in The Truth News. The earnings of a driver in the Uber application will depend on how many customers request their services in addition to the distance of the trips for those who purchase the service.

The Uber platform shared the information on the exact prices of the different drivers’ earnings. If an employee of the company works approximately 50 hours, his salary would be $6, 6932 pesos a week.

But if we talk about a normal schedule, the earnings would be $1,873 pesos per week, and the least a driver could earn would be $500 a week, while the highest would be 4,100 pesos a week.

That yes, without counting all those expenses for the maintenance of the car being your form of presentation and means of work, like gasoline too.

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How to enter the position of Uber driver?

If you still want to dedicate yourself to Uber, you will need to know what documents you need to achieve the position of private driver. For example:

  • Be of age
  • Have an identification such as IFE, INE or CURP
  • Current driver’s license from the state where you will work
  • Profile picture
  • Bank account
  • Valid circulation card
  • Insurance policy
  • Uber Safety Certification

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