If you like Rebecca (TF1), try her original Marcella version on Netflix

This Thursday, November 25, TF1 broadcasts the sequel to the thriller Rebecca. Worn by Anne Marivin, this series is an adaptation of Marcella. Here is why we advise you to watch British fiction available on Netflix.

Place in the wake of the French thriller Rebecca this Thursday, November 25 from 9:05 p.m. on TF1. This series in eight episodes carried by an overwhelming Anne Marivin, plunges us into the infernal spiral experienced by this cop back on an investigation around a serial killer. The fiction, in which Benjamin Biolay also plays, is an adaptation of Marcella, British series available on Netflix. If you like Rebecca, do not hesitate to look at the original version of which you will discover the specificities.

Marcella, a dark and tortured thriller

Marcella is one of the nuggets of Netflix discovered by chance while searching in the catalog of the platform. This British series launched in 2016 on the ITV channel was born from the imagination of a Swedish screenwriter, Hans Rosenfeldt, and you can feel it on screen. Marcella, it’s the British version of the dark and tortured Nordic thrillers as we like them (and of which the English also have the secret).

Anna Friel effectively carries the thriller Marcella

English actress Anna Friel, best known for her role in Pushing Daisies, makes us share Marcella’s doubts as if they were our own. As in Rebecca, Marcella returns to her post, just after her separation, and finds herself on an investigation that strongly reminds her of the unresolved one that had obsessed her several years before. She puts the same tenacity and ferocity to prove that she is right in her investigation as in her personal life, in the midst of a heated divorce and in the grip of absences and troubles that push her to question herself.

The line is always blurry in the series, as with this character. Like the heroine, the viewer wonders: what is Marcella really capable of? The series seduces with its perfectly controlled suspense and this character as complex as it is excavated. Three seasons are available on Netflix and definitely worth a look. You will have only one desire, to chain the episodes and the seasons, especially after the cliffhangers on which they end. Sadly, a season 4 doesn’t appear to be in the pipeline in Britain.

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