If you liked Our broken hearts, these 5 Netflix films will please you

Our bruised hearts has already won over thousands of Netflix subscribers. The proof: the film ranks number 1 in the Top 10 most watched new releases on the streaming platform, ahead of the Franco-Belgian comedy Walter and the action thriller The Gray Man with Ryan Gosling. If you liked this movie and are looking for similar titles to watch, take a look at the list that the team of Tele-Leisure has concocted for you. Don’t miss these 5 romantic films which, like Our bruised hearts, should thrill you on Netflix.

1. The Lucky One

Marine returning from Iraq, Logan (Zac Efron) is convinced to have survived and escaped death several times thanks to a lucky charm: the photo of a stranger found in the desert. He then decides to go in search of the young woman to tell her what he has experienced. The hero of The Lucky One has in common with Luke of Our bruised hearts to be a Marine marked by his experience at the front.

2. The In Between

Tessa (Joey King), a young teenager no longer believes in love since she was placed in foster care as a child. But her vision of love will change when she meets Skylar, a teenager from a neighboring town. However, their romance quickly turns to tragedy when the young man dies in a car accident in which Tessa survives. After losing her great love, the teenager is convinced that Skylar sends her signs from beyond the grave. The mix of romance and drama should appeal to you if you enjoyed that aspect of Our broken hearts.

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3. Our souls at night

Addie (Jane Fonda), an elderly widow who lives in a small town in Colorado, does not want to be alone anymore and proposes to her neighbor, Louis (Robert Redford), who has also lost his wife, to spend the night together. They fall in love and rediscover the joy of living. They are surprised by a real love story. As in Our bruised hearts, this love story begins incongruously.

4. Endless Love

David and Jade are finishing high school. He, a rebellious and poor boy, has always been in love with her, a rich young girl withdrawn into herself since her brother died. Determined to open up more to life, she invites David to a party organized by his parents. To impress her, David manages to get all the young people from high school together at her house. Jade is delighted. But her father does not appreciate seeing her get closer to David.

5. Wedding Season

Wedding Season, which has just been released on Netflix, also features a fake couple, who will end up falling in love. After breaking off her engagement, giving up a successful banking career in New York City, and choosing to move to New Jersey to start a new life, Asha feels more alive than ever. Her mother, on the other hand, believes that her daughter should marry and creates an online dating profile in order to allow her daughter to find the rare pearl. This is when Ravi comes into the picture — or more exactly his parents — who have the same project for their son. After a disastrous first date, Asha and Ravi decide to pretend to be a couple to get through the upcoming wedding season safely and have peace.

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