Ignacio Baladán is trolled by Gian Piero Díaz: “He always ends up being Taurus”

Ignacio Baladán was trolled by Gian Piero Díaz. This situation occurred when the members of “Esto es guerra” were holding a general culture competition.

It turns out that Gian Piero asked Ignacio about the first zodiac sign of the horoscope and the Uruguayan got confused when giving his answer.

The driver was amazed because the Uruguayan did not know that the answer was Arias and Baladán confessed that he does not read the horoscope:

“I am not guided by the signs, I am guided by the hearts of the people”, Ignacio commented with a mischievous smile.

Given this response, the driver Gian Piero Díaz took the opportunity to play a joke on the fighter: “We already understand everything. He does not care about the signs, but he always ends up being a Taurus (for alleged ‘horns’ in his past relationships) ”.

Ignacio was astonished by the presenter’s quick response and did not have the opportunity to make a release because he was without a microphone.

Finally, Díaz accepted that he “crossed the line” and apologized: “Sorry, I better go. All bad, very bad ”.

Ignacio Baladán is trolled by Gian Piero Díaz https://www.americatv.com.pe/

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