Ignacio Jara wants his revenge in Colo Colo: “What I want most is to win a position”

During this season, the 25-year-old midfielder was on loan at Unión Española and now he must return to Cacique, where he hopes to have his revenge.

Ignacio Jara wants his revenge in Colo Colo.
© UNO Agency.Ignacio Jara wants his revenge in Colo Colo.

The 2022 season came to an end and with it, a series of players who left at the beginning of the year in search of opportunities must appear in Colo Colo to define their future.

One of the many footballers who will have to return to the Monumental Stadium after the holidays is Ignacio Jara, who left to add minutes and during this campaign was on loan at Unión Española.

He wants his revenge in Colo Colo

The 25-year-old midfielder referred to his return to Popular in a conversation with the newspaper AS, where he was clear in pointing out that he wants his revenge and that will fight with everything to earn an opportunity in the cast directed by Gustavo Quinteros.

In the first instance, he assured that “I know that there are people who can say that I did not play much, but what I want most is to stay in Colo Colo. I think and feel that I need a rematch. I fought so hard to get to Colo Colo when things were ugly, that obviously I want to return to the club”.

Asked if it helps that DT knows him, he indicated that “he was essential for me to get to Colo Colo. I am very self-critical and I reflect on what happened to me: I feel indebted. Now I go hungry to earn a place and then, achieve important things at the club”.

Subsequently, the playmaker remarked that it will not be easy to earn a place in the Popular. “I am honest: I know I’m going to have to row it from behind And I won’t play the fool but I do feel that I need that possibility“, held.

Finally, Ignacio Jara stated that “I had to be in the most critical moment of the club and I always played with my heart. It’s gratifying that people remember me and I hope to repay that love. It is what I want the most. I believe that if I put more sacrifice, things will come”.

Their numbers in 2022

This season, Ignacio Jara played a total of 19 matches with the Unión Española shirt, which translates into 558 minuteswhere he enrolled with an annotation and did not record assists.

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