IHK on tourism trends: Individual vacations and sustainable travel remain popular

In addition to many restrictions, the pandemic also brought innovations and trends for the tourism industry. Some of this could be preserved in the longer term. The Lower Saxony Chamber of Commerce gives insights.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) expects a high demand for individual holidays even after the corona pandemic. Many of the trends revealed by Corona would remain in the long term, suspects the tourism spokeswoman for IHK Lower Saxony , Kerstin Kontny.

In addition to individual trips such as camping trips, the trends also included active holidays and the desire for more sustainability. “Lots of people want to get out into nature,” said Kontny. This need developed strongly during the pandemic. Camping tourism is currently booming in Lower Saxony. Cycling holidays are also very popular. “These developments are not completely new, but have become clearer due to Corona,” said Kontny.

The trend towards domestic tourism could soon flatten again if travel restrictions due to the corona pandemic are lifted. However, Kontny hopes that the second or third vacation will be spent in their own country. Because: “Many have come to know and appreciate new destinations in Germany through Corona.”

Domestic tourism with new attractive offers

Especially since the local industry has developed further. Above all in the area of ​​digitization, it has made progress, for example through online bookings in restaurants or apps that suggest alternatives when attractions are overcrowded. These offers are attractive for travelers, said tourism spokeswoman Kontny.

Most recently, the number of overnight stays in Lower Saxony continued to recover. In September they had increased by twelve percent compared to the same month last year and had almost reached the previous year’s level, as the Lower Saxony State Statistics Office announced.

Sustainability is playing an increasingly important role

In addition to the pandemic, climate change and sustainability also played an important role in tourism. The effects of global warming could deprive tourism companies of their livelihood in the future, for example through disasters or no longer attractive landscapes, said the IHK spokeswoman. For example, the bark beetle would lose an important reason to travel to the Harz due to the tree deaths.

Many companies would already advocate more sustainability. For example through discounts for vacationers who would travel by train, said Kontny. Another example: On the coast, the Wadden Sea National Park recognizes hotels and restaurants that are committed to environmentally conscious behavior.

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