Illegal abortion at the heart of a scandal that shakes Ain Defla

Crimes and misdemeanors still continue in Algeria, where the police record a significant number of crimes on a daily basis and arrest quite a few criminals.

This time, it is the turn of the wilaya of Ain Defla, where a strange affair that shook the city of Miliana, was recently dealt with by the territorially competent security services.

He is in fact an anesthesia and resuscitation assistant, working in the public hospital establishment in Miliana, north of Ain Defla, who was recently arrested by elements of the judicial police for his involvement in practices related to the medical profession with embezzlement of public funds.

Doctors and nurses suspected of being involved in the case

The latter was caught red-handed in possession of medical and paramedical equipment without rights, drugs of various types, prescriptions, certificates and medical forms, most of which are signed in blank with the stamps of public hospitals and doctors.

In fact, his arrest came following the exploitation of information relating to his suspicious activity represented by the carrying out of illegal abortions, where he was arrested on October 6 in his car.

On this, the defendant was arrested and brought before the court of Miliana, where he was the subject of a warrant of committal, pending judgment.

In addition, the suspect’s vehicle was impounded. In addition, several people were investigated, including doctors and nurses.

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