Illegal speculation on milk: 2 individuals sentenced in Cherchell

For months now, the State has launched a real witch hunt against illegal speculators in low-income foodstuffs. Indeed, the trials follow one another and the prison sentences also for the culprits.

Yesterday, Sunday November 20, 2022 the court of Cherchell in the wilaya of Tipaza sentenced two people to 7 years in prison in a case of illegal speculation in milk.

The representative of the Republic at the same jurisdiction declared that “In accordance with the provisions of article 11, paragraph 03 of the code of criminal procedure, the representative of the Republic at the court of Cherchell brings to the attention of the public that, in the framework of the fight against the phenomenon of illicit speculation on staple foodstuffs for large consumption. As a result, two (02) people were prosecuted for the offense of illicit speculation in milk in accordance with articles 2 to 13 of the law against illicit speculation and this after immediate appearance. ยป

At the end of the trial, the court sentenced the two individuals to seven (07) years in prison and a one million dinar fine for each, together with an order for the imprisonment of the defendants, a ban on exercising a commercial activity, removal from the commercial register, and confiscating the seized objects, the press release adds.

Sentencing to 10 years in prison of an illicit speculator in Mascara

The Mascara Court sentenced an individual for speculation in vegetable oil to 10 years in prison, according to a press release from the public prosecutor of this judicial body, made public on Friday.

The statement pointed out that “in the context of the fight against the phenomenon of speculation on food products, the owner of a fast food restaurant in the city of Mascara was the subject of a direct citation and sentenced to 10 years in prison with a fine of 2 million DA. Also specifying that the respondent was immediately imprisoned.

The statement referred to the law against illegal speculation n 15/21 of December 28, 2021 which stipulates severe penalties for offenders of up to 30 years imprisonment and life in case the crime was committed within the framework of an organized gang.

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