Illegally transporting 35 tons of soybeans in a truck

Thursday, October 14, 2021 | 11:33 am.

Personnel of Squadron 47 “Ituzaingó” controlled a Volvo brand vehicle with a trailer that
was circulating from the rural area of ​​Córdoba to the missionary town of Colonia Alicia with a
shipment of 35,000 kilos of soybeans.

The operation was carried out at kilometer 1,274 of National Route 12, where the
uniformed officers verified that the bill of lading presented by the driver of the vehicle would be
apocryphal, according to information provided by the AFIP-DGI Resistencia (Chaco) Customs system.

Immediately, the gendarmes contacted Federal Court No. 2 of Corrientes, the
which ordered the seizure of documentation, merchandise and transportation.

Likewise, it directed that the driver be subject to the cause, for being in violation of the
Articles 292 and 296 of the Argentine Penal Code and Law 24,769 “Tax Penal Regime”, due to presenting inconsistencies in the documentation.

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