Illicit transfer of capital: new seizure at Algiers airport

Algiers airport, which recently experienced a major change at the head of its general management, is recording more and more attempts to illicitly transfer capital. This prompted the authorities concerned to introduce more measures. strengthening security in this airport enclosure.

Border police services at Algiers airport arrested a Tunisian national. The latter attempted illicit trafficking in the amount of $23,000 to his country of origin.

Indeed, this Tunisian passenger has developed the plan to pass 23,000 dollars hidden in his luggage. After verification, it turned out that this Tunisian; did not declare the amount carried with him. In addition, he was arrested by the PAF at Houari Boumediene airport, who seized the sum in question and presented him for immediate appearance before the court of Dar El Beida, located in Algiers.

The defendant is being prosecuted for violations of the regulations governing the transfer of capital to and from abroad. Before the judge, the defendant affirmed his offence, remembering that he was about to take his flight to Tunis, taking with him the aforementioned sum.

Six months in prison for illicit trafficking of 23,000 dollars

In addition, he admitted that he did not declare this amount as he had no bank statement. According to him, following the strike recently recorded in the Tunisian transport sector. He could not declare the 23,000 dollars transported with him. This is what reported today, June 20, the Arabic-speaking Ennahar.

At the end of his hearings, the public prosecutor demanded a sentence of double the amount seized. However, the judge in charge of this case, for his part, pronounced six months of suspended imprisonment; associated with a fine of 500 thousand Algerian dinars.

New measures to strengthen security at Algiers airport

On June 18, Transport Minister Abdallah Moundji officially installed the new CEO of Algiers airport. These include Mohamed Layache Akacem. For the same occasion, Moundji instructed the latter to find immediate solutions to overcome the various malfunctions encountered at Algiers Airport.

However, the same official pointed out the issue of security in this structure. Indeed, he invited the new CEO of Houari Boumediene airport; improve the performance of checkpoints. And this, in order to ensure the safety of travelers, but also of their property.

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