Ilves won the Tampere derby and took the lead in the league – HIFK lost against SaiPa and are now last

On Friday, six games were on the program in the hockey league. Many eyes were directed at Raimo Helminen’s comeback in Ilve’s coaching booth, which ended in a 3–0 victory over rival Tappara.

Prestige and important points were at stake when Ilves and Tappara clashed in the season’s first Tampere derby. The derby attracted interest as 11,744 spectators were present.

Ilves took the lead early in the second period through Panu Mieho. With seven minutes left to play, Jani Nyman made it 2–0 with a strange goal.

It was Ilvesbacken Otto Latvala’s puck that took a strange bounce behind the goal. Nyman stood carefully in front of the box and was able to sweep the puck behind a standing Christian Heljanko in the Tappara goal without any problems.

The 18-year-old Nyman is one of Finland’s biggest offensive promises and he has scored two goals in three league games this autumn.

Raimo Helminen was back in Ilvesbåset. The profile was recently appointed assistant coach.

Picture: Mika Kylmäniemi / All Over Pres

Marek Langhamer in Ilve’s goal impressed greatly. The Czech nailed it again, saving 18 of 18 shots.

Raimo Helminen, who made a comeback in Ilve’s booth after a break of ten years, did not take part in the interview after the match.

– This is the players’ thing. It feels more special to win as a player than as a coach, said Helminen modestly.

As usual, the league table limps noticeably. As some of the teams have come up in five games, Ilves is in a class of its own with 14 points out of a possible 15.

HIFK has started weakly

HIFK has a lot to think about after losing 1-2 against SaiPa in Villmanstrand.

Before the match, Lalli Partinen, who died this spring, was honored at the age of 80. Partinen was a big profile in both SaiPa and HIFK during his career.

Early in the match, Iiro Pakarinen gave HIFK the lead before challenging Seamus Donohue to a fight at the end of the first period. It resulted in both players having finished playing for the evening.

    Jaedon Descheneau shoots the puck in.
Jaedon Descheneau equalizes to make it 1–1.

Photo: Mikko Lieri / All Over Press

In the second period, first Jaedon Descheneau equalized to 1–1 and then Ville Vainikainen gave SaiPa the lead with 2–1.

At the end, Olli Palola had the opportunity to equalize at 2–2, but the HIFK player missed his penalty.

The loss was HIFK’s third in a row – after the premiership victory against HPK, HIFK have scored zero against Tappara (2–5), Ilves (1–2) and now SaiPa (1–2). HIFK has only three points after four games played and is last in the table.


Ilves–Tappara 3–0 (0–0, 1–0, 2–0
Jukurit–Ace 3–0 (0–0, 0–0, 3–0)
KooKoo–TPS 2–3 (1–0, 0–1, 1–2)
Lukko–Pelicans 2–1 (1–1, 1–0, 0–0)
SaiPa–HIFK 2–1 (0–1, 2–0, 0–0)
Sport–KalPa 2–1 (0–0, 1–0, 1–1)

Source: STT

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