I’m A Celebrity Mystery As Fans Confused Over Mike Tindall’s ‘Rule Breaking’

I’M A Celebrity fans have been left confused after noticing Mike Tindall ‘broken the rules’ in the jungle camp.

The former rugby player has been crowned camp leader after taking over from former health secretary Matt Hancock last week.


Mike has been sleeping alone in the RV since Sue left camp[/caption]

I'm A Celebrity Mystery As Fans Confused Over Mike Tindall's 'Rule Breaking'

The rest of the celebrities slept outside in the camp[/caption]

I’m a celebrity favorite Mike, 44, was allowed to stay in the camp motorhome after becoming camp leader during a leadership battle last week.

He was joined by Coronation Street star Sue Cleaver before she was kicked out of the camp as the leadership was removed.

However, despite no longer having an official camp leader, Mike was seen sleeping in the RV each night.


I'm A Celebrity Mystery As Fans Confused Over Mike Tindall's 'Rule Breaking'


I’m A Celeb’s Mike Tindall Takes On Ant & Dec During Tonight’s Trial With Matt

I'm A Celebrity Mystery As Fans Confused Over Mike Tindall's 'Rule Breaking'

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Confused fans have taken to social media to suggest the former England rugby player is “breaking the rules” by staying in the campervan.

The star sleeps alone in the 1970s-style vehicle, while the rest of his campmates stay outside in low beds or hammocks.

“Why is Mike still in the RV when he is no longer the leader? There is no boss!” one fan fumed on Twitter.

Another added: “Why is Mike Tindall still sleeping in the RV now that there is no camp leader he really thinks he is above the rest?”

A third added: ‘How come Mike is in the camper when there is no more camp leader’, as a fourth said: ‘Why does Mike always get the camper? because if he is not even leader wtf.”

A fifth concluded: “What’s going on with VR now?” Only Matt, Mike and Sue used it! They might as well take turns now to get a good night’s sleep (or stop snoring).

Tonight, Mike is ready to take on the next Bushtucker tiral alongside MP Matt, 44, as he is immersed in a water tank full of intestines.

He was seen smashing hosts Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly in an early clip from tonight’s show.

The task will see the sportsman suspended above a water-filled tank filled with animal guts as he answers quiz-like questions.

Correct answers buy Matt more time to collect the stars while he’s locked in metal cages with jungle creatures, including huge spiders.

But incorrect answers see Mike plunged into the water below, giving his co-star less time to find the stars as he is trapped in the cage.

A first look at tonight’s trial sees Matt return to Ant, 47, and Dec, 47, as they encourage him to “answer” their questions.

Looking unimpressed, an annoyed Mike is asked, “The first cage has spiders in it, so what’s the collective name for a group of spiders?”

As Mike takes his time to think, placing his head in his hands, Dec encourages him, “We’re going to need an answer.”

He responds to the duo with a stern look: “Yeah, I got that.”

I’m A Celebrity returns tonight at 9.15pm on ITV

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