“I’m a super fan of Metallica”: J Balvin confessed his “love” for the popular American band

There is no doubt that J Balvin He is one of the most recognized Latin American artists in the medium thanks to his vast artistic career in the urban genre. Nevertheless, the Colombian recently confessed to being a staunch fan of Metallicain addition to knowing several songs of the popular American band.

The topic author like “Mi Gente” and “Bum Bum Tam” revealed in an interview with creator Chente Ydrach that his particular fondness for the metal group is genuine and not just ‘publicity’ as many claim.

Above all, after various media indicated that he had only made the acoustic version of in order to position himself in trend.

It is worth noting that on posthumous dates the metallica band It managed to profile itself in the top trending positions of the musical sections after “Master of Puppets” was played in an episode of the fourth season of the well-known series “Stranger Things”.

In this sense, Balvin indicated that his interpretation has nothing to do with the famous Netflix thriller series, although he did not say it directly since he made it clear that he has always been a follower of Metallica.“I’m a super fan of Metallica, but a fan that I play the covers, I know the chords and all the complete songs.”

He also indicated that many young people managed to connect through , making the popular band listen to multiple generations today.“Fans should celebrate that new generations are connecting with one of the best metal bands.”


As expected, the reaction of Internet users on networks was immediate, pointing out that the Colombian is a great artist regardless of the genre he sings, since he will always manage to fill the venues in which he gives his shows.

It should be noted that the interpreter of “Azul” already held something similar on July 21 when he shared via Twitter that he was very happy because Metallica gave him “green” to continue with his musical project.

“I’m a fan of Metallica so I’m very happy because my favorite band gave me the green one”he pointed out.

J Balvin is one of the Latin singers with the highest audience on music platforms (Photo: J Balvin/Masterlive Peru)
J Balvin is one of the Latin singers with the highest audience on music platforms (Photo: J Balvin/Masterlive Peru)

Although he received a wave of negative criticism, just as the “Stranger Things” fans themselves suffered when having their first approach to Metallica this season, there was also part of his fans who managed to defend him tooth and nail.

“I am a Metalhead and I am very sorry for all the hate that falls on you and Metallica, I’ve never honestly listened to you but I really liked your cover of Wherever I May Roam 😀 Seeing 2 totally different styles merge is always great, I’m sure that will inspire good things”was one of the comments showing support on social networks.

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