"I’m super proud" : Louane’s secrets about her darling (VIDEO)

Before sitting down in the coach’s chair The Voice Kids at the end of the month, Louane doubles the animated film Luck, this August 5 on Apple TV+. The opportunity for the artist to indulge, and to comment on his Instagram photos for Télé-Loisirs.

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Friday, August 5th arrives on your screens a new animated film that will not leave you indifferent! Luck, to watch on Apple TV+ is “a super cool animated film”promises Louane, who dubs the heroine, Sam Greenfield. “She’s really bad luck, only terrible things happen to her, and she will meet a cat, who is super lucky. And together, they will live incredible adventures.” A great experience for Louane with this film imagined by the creators of Toy Story and Cars. “I was very lucky because I had AD (artistic director, editor’s note) incredible, whose name is Dorothée Pousseo, who really helped me get into the role, so it was super cool.

Louane confides in her companion : “The eternal story of the singer who falls in love with the musician”

On the occasion of the release of Luck, Louane lent herself to the game of the InstaLife interview of Télé-Loisirs, commenting on emblematic photos from her Instagram account. Starting with one with his companion, Florent Rossi, at the Coachella festival. “I’m very proud, she confides with emotion. My boyfriend was playing Coachella with Stromae. We met for my second tour and we fell in love. It’s really super basic. The eternal story of the singer who falls in love with the musician. Clearly.”

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Louane tells how Julien Doré got it “needed at times when (she) was lost”

If Louane doubles Luck, the next news of the young woman will be on TF1, from August 20, since she joins the show The Voice Kids as a coach. Louane will therefore be in the red armchairs of the junior version of the program, alongside Julien Doré, also a newcomer, and Kendji Girac and Patrick Fiori. “I’m super proud. It was super stressful to go to the other side. I really looked for some kind of legitimacy but, really, I’m so happy.” As Louane recalls, Kendji and she have known each other since they were 17 years old. “We did all the promotion (from The Voice, editor’s note) together, we were signed to the same label, we know each other very well.” Louane is also very close to Julien Doré, with whom she made several songs. Furthermore, “He really guided me in my life at times when I was lost in the middle of the music. They are real friends.”

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