IMF indicates that Mexico would have a balance in its finances in 2022

Analysts of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Mexico stands out for the second consecutive year, for having the deficit closer to equilibrium, of 0.6% of PIB, among 40 emerging countries.

IMF experts project that the country may reach equilibrium in its public finances around 2022 and 2023, when it will go from a deficit of 0.1% of GDP next year to a fiscal surplus that could be located at 0.2% of GDP.

According to him semi-annual Fiscal Monitor report, Mexico stands out from the rest of its emerging peers, which on average will have a fiscal deficit of 4.8% of GDP this year, and also compares it favorably with the G-20 countries, which will reach a deficit of 5.2% of GDP.

The IMF follows the Mexican economy

Mexico has managed to cope with the crisis of the pandemic.

IMF Mexico Experts They clarified in the preliminary conclusion after the annual review of the economy, this performance is the result of “a conservative fiscal policy” and they made a new call for the authorities to use this room for maneuver.

In the same preliminary report of the conclusions to the annual review, the Expert Mission of the Fund in Mexico explained that “the humanitarian, social and economic cost of the shock of the pandemic has been very high.”

According to the analyzes, the experts emphasize, as they have done since April 2020, that the country applied one of the lowest fiscal stimuli in the Covid-19 crisis. Income without reform.

How is the economy in Mexico?

The IMF monitors the 40 emerging economies.

In the conclusions of the review to Mexico, underemployment remains above the peak reached during the global financial crisis (2009), and the number of people without work increased by 4 million while poverty levels increased ”.

That is why they proposed developing a strategy to increase tax revenues, a progressive reform that can be applied once economic activity is on a sustainable growth path.

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