Immediately pissed off: Marie Reim and friend Vinzenz adopt puppies

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Very excited: For the first picture together with the new dog mom Marie Reim, the food came up again for little Holly. (Photomontage) © Instagram/Marie Reim

The first joint picture of Marie Reim and the family growth Holly probably shows real life: the little dog immediately vomited at the new mommy.

Cologne – More authenticity on Instagram – Marie Reim (22) presents herself in a jogging suit and sweater thrown up, but smiling, on her profile. The singer has the culprit in her arms: the new family member named Holly. Marie Reim and her boyfriend Vinzenz Steidl adopted a puppy and as a debut there was an ugly gift on the new mommy’s sweater. “Yesterday we welcomed a new family member,” the beauty introduces the post.

But the hit star is relaxed and still poses with the mishap on her sweater and the ball of white fur for a photo in a pet shop. There the little bitch is to be equipped for her new home. Under the Instagram post, the blonde writes that little Holly cleaned up cat food at her agency and had to get rid of it on the dog mommy’s green sweater. “Not bad,” writes the 22-year-old.

Spit all over, nightmares, snacking: This is what the first day with the new baby looked like

Marie is already practiced – there is already a white fur ball named Carla in the Reim/Steidl family. In her story, the daughter of hit icons Michelle (50) and Matthias Reim (64) finally gives some additional information after the post. “We have a new baby,” the blonde gets in and gives her followers a small status report on the first few hours with the offspring.

After the sweater was spat full, the new parents spent a relatively restless first night with the new addition to the family. So Holly had nightmares and didn’t fall asleep that easily, but Marie is relaxed here too: “That’s just the way it is on the first night in a new home”. In addition, the little bitch nibbles on everything because she is teething, Marie continues, like an experienced mother of two children. And the singer’s eyes shine in the same way when she explains that her two protégés, fortunately, also like each other: “She gets along great with Carla”.

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