Immigrant gives birth on the banks of the Rio Grande just after crossing the border


Los Angeles, Oct 14 (EFE) .- A pregnant immigrant who had just crossed the southern border in the Hidalgo sector, in Texas, gave birth near the banks of the Rio Grande (known as the Rio Grande in the US) assisted by Border Patrol agents.

The woman in labor was found near the river by officers, explained the head of the Border Patrol of the Rio Grande sector, Brian Hastings, in a message on his Twitter account.

“It’s a boy,” Hastings said in the message accompanied by two photographs in which the Border Patrol emergency team is seen treating the woman.

A photograph of the newborn baby in the dark was also shared by the chief, who explained that after the birth the mother and the little one were transferred to a hospital.

In recent weeks, several migrant women have given birth on the banks of the Rio Grande.

Several Haitian women gave birth in the makeshift camp under the Del Rio international bridge last September, while waiting to be processed by immigration authorities.

Last June, the Administration of President Joe Biden relaxed immigration policy towards pregnant or breastfeeding women, preventing them from being detained by immigration authorities.

In the past, immigrant rights groups denounced that as soon as they left the hospital, mothers and their babies were expelled from the country, despite the fact that the children were US citizens by birth.


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