Immigration: in the trap of the OQTFs

These four letters have become flammable: OQTF. Since the atrocious crime of which little Lola was the victim on October 14, the “obligations to leave French territory” have entered the political vocabulary. Symbols of “migratory laxity” which the government would demonstrate, according to the National Rally and part of the LRs who go so far as to make the executive ” responsible “ of the tragic death of the teenager, when the Nupes, like Aurélien Taché, deputy Europe Ecology-the Greens, continues to affirm that“there is no immigration problem in France” and denounces his “instrumentalization”.

Between these two positions at the antipodes, the government finds itself as if caught in a vice, struggling moreover with its own past commitments of firmness – which it was unable to keep – its decision to welcome the refugees from the ship “Ocean Viking for humanitarian reasons and the promise for January 2023 of a law supposed to finally regulate migration, like the 28 previous legislative measures passed since 1980. In vain.

Confronted with a series of tragic miscellaneous events involving individuals under the influence of an OQTF – to the crime of Lola was added on October 27 the rape of a young woman within the Cochin hospital in Paris by a clandestine targeted by three obligations to leave the territory −, Gérald Darmanin tries as best he can to put out the fire. Even if it means multiplying lapidary, even simplistic formulas. “I will be mean to the

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