Immoral practices and embezzlement of the Nation

On the night of Thursday 24, the middle and senior managers of the Federal Public Administration received a letter, by email, signed by the President of the Republic.

“As is known to all of you, on various occasions I have stated that the main problem in Mexico is corruption, a situation that in the past has prevented a better political, social, economic and cultural development of the country,” begins Andrés Manuel’s epistle. López Obrador, who would spend the night in Zacatecas, a city declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO a decade ago.

Current legislation, underlines the Federal Executive, condemns tax evasion, fraud, diversion of resources and other practical omissions. Other national norms – he recalls – also protect cultural and artistic heritage.

In this understanding, López Obrador details, “I want to remind you that all objects, pieces, furniture, artifacts, machines, works of art and documentation that are in public places administered by the Federation and you use, in some cases, for the realization of their work, they are the property of all Mexicans ”.

“In particular, I call your attention to the vast and unquantifiable heritage found in nature reserves, buildings, museums, cultural houses, public squares, parks, monuments and archaeological sites, which together with some collections or documentary collections, archives , libraries and other types of movable or immovable property are also the patrimony of all Mexicans. Corrupt is the one who damages, neglects, steals or sells any national asset and allows, as has happened recently, for example, that private auction houses in Mexico and abroad, auction off our patrimony ”.

“The government and all public servants have the obligation to conserve, preserve and defend our cultural and historical heritage. An action against this State policy is not only a crime, but an act of dishonesty ”.

Many of the historical documents or archaeological pieces of pre-Hispanic cultures have been auctioned outside the country, López Obrador decreed, they have been stolen by individuals – nationals and foreigners – as well as by public servants.

Those “illegal and immoral practices” that have allowed private business with national assets will be punished based on the law, warned the federal Executive, and will be publicly pointed out.

Side effects

DEFENDERS. It took two weeks for the CIDE community to come out of its lethargy. The verbal violence and authoritarianism of the interim director, José Antonio Romero Tellaeche, encouraged a resistance movement that would lead to a student strike, if the general director of Conacyt, María Elena Álvarez-Buylla, grants him definitive office. In voting, students and teachers made an irrevocable decision: if Romero Tellaeche is appointed general director next Monday 29, there will be a strike.

ANOTHER CONSULTATION. The PRI handed over power in Sinaloa to Morena, one of the entities where Andrés Manuel López Obrador has the most supporters. The new governor, Rubén Rocha, and the new mayor of Ahome, Gerardo Vargas, will have to assert the will of the majority, which will be expressed this weekend at the receiving tables of the consultation on the fertilizer plant that Gas y Petroquímica de Occidente would build in the bay of Topolobampo. This project, contemplated in the National Infrastructure Plan, would solve the requirements of the national market and, above all, would allow lowering the costs of this raw material for agricultural producers, but it faces opposition from environmental groups and members of the Yaqui Nation. The Fourth Transformation will enforce the Rule of Law, but above all it will respect the decision of the Sinaloans. The follow-up of this consultation is the responsibility of the Ministry of the Interior.


Vital signs

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