Impressive satellite images show how a huge lake in the United States dries up

The Great Salt Lake of USA it’s drying up This is not news to any of the people who live in its vicinity, but new satellite images taken by the European Space Agency show how much water has been lost in recent decades.

A month ago, this lake – presumably the sixth largest in the North American country – reached its lowest water level ever recorded. If in the 1980s it reached its peak, covering 8,500 square kilometers, today it is seen that it has lost almost half of its surface. The images of this body of water located in the state of Utah (west of USA) show it graphically.

On the left, the lake in 1985; on the right, the lake in July 2022.

Historic low water levels also caused the exposure of some 1,994 square kilometers of lake bedaccording to data provided by the National Geology Service of USA. Experts point out that the disappearance of the lake is a consequence of natural and human factors.

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