Improving WiFi reception: 10 tips for a strong signal

  • That’s why you should WLAN reception to enhance
  • Bad reception: Potential Disruptive factors
  • Simple tips for better WiFi reception

Who doesn’t know: That WLAN in the house is simply too weak, the browser does not load and streaming services cannot be used properly. There are many reasons why this is Wifi signal too weak is. To the WLAN reception to to enhance, there are some few tipsthat are very easy to implement and often free of charge. If this does not lead to success, it may be necessary to purchase additional ones Hardware necessary, but this is associated with costs. which free tips you can use it for the time being and how you can avoid poor WiFi reception right from the start, we’ve summarized for you.

Therefore you should improve the WLAN reception

The term WLAN stands for all wireless local networks and is also used in other countries as Wifi named. WLAN is indispensable in our digital and global age because it enables us to be mobile in data processing and transmission.

If the WLAN reception However, if your internet connection is disturbed and your internet connection is not working properly, you will quickly need twice as much time, for example, to access a website or to carry out downloads. A good WLAN reception does not only affect a higher one productivity off, but save yourself Time and thus also money. Good WiFi reception should be a prerequisite, especially when working on a computer, where an Internet connection is usually essential.

Two important factors for strong WiFi are these Range and the speedwith which the data is transmitted. If either of the two factors is compromised, it will affect your reception. If there are a lot of end devices in your household, that’s one more reason to improve the WLAN in order to receive the optimal signal strength on all devices and to be able to surf the Internet relaxed and without incident.

Potential disruptive factors

the various disruptive factors can generally be divided into two categories: structural and electronic disruptive factors.

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  • Structural disruptive factors: A wide variety of objects can influence the signal strength of the WLAN. If the household is too big, the distance from the wireless router will naturally decrease as well Signal strength on the end device. Other disruptive factors are walls and Objectsbetween the wireless router and the receiving device. In addition, large Pieces of furniture affect reception. Just like any objects that are made of wood or metal exist. Water pipes can also lead to a poorer signal. So the positioning of the router has a huge impact on the network.
  • Electronic disruptive factors: WLAN can also be used by waves or radiation other electrical devices are interfered with, for example by Bluetooth devices, Microwaves or Game consoles. The influence of Neighboring devices can also interfere with the signal, because every WLAN router needs a radio channel on which it can transmit. Especially in densely populated neighborhoods, it is not uncommon for several devices to be one Funkkanal share what the stability and the download rates influenced.

Ten tips for better WiFi reception

These are the free tips that are also easy to implement:

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  • Installation site check: Near devices (such as a refrigerator, oven, or microwave) or between two pieces of furniture is probably the worst place for a wireless router. Try to set up the router as free as possible in order to achieve the best possible reception. Alternatively, with a little manual skill, you can set the WiFi router just below the Ceiling mount on the wall. There are probably no interfering objects or sources of interference and the signal can expand more evenly into the rooms.
  • A look at the software throw: You can access the software via an Internet browser using the manual. There you will Funkkanal that your router is working on. If possible, choose a WiFi channel that is free from interference in order to improve your WiFi reception.
  • WLAN-Router switch off, disconnect from the mains and a Restart – this can also help to restore better reception.
  • Make regular router updatesto protect yourself from possible malware and to improve performance (instructions for router update)
  • Change your password: Encrypted and password-protected WiFi is a must nowadays, otherwise neighbors or hackers can quickly tap into your internet connection without you noticing.
  • Control apps and devices regarding Download and upload speed: Most of the time it is a major culprit who drastically slows down the network. Services like Quality of Service (DoS) allow usersto favor certain applications over others.

Do you want to improve your WiFi reception and notice a difference faster? You will likely need additional ones for that Hardwarewhich are associated with costs, but significantly increase the range:

  • connection external antennas: If you have a model with external antennas, it is sometimes sufficient to buy a stronger set of antennas. This is particularly suitable for old devices. However, many modern devices are equipped with internal antennas, so this tip cannot be implemented there.
  • WLAN-Repeater: These pick up the WiFi signal, amplify it and send it back to the environment. They cost between 20 and 80 euros and need a free socket to operate. In the best case scenario, WiFi routers and WLAN-Repeater* from the same manufacturer, because then the devices harmonize well with each other. There are also several WLAN-Repeater possible in a household. Popular repeaters are the Fritzbox series, Netgear, Linksys or TP-Link *.
  • External antennas for computers and notebooks: WLAN antennas are already available for 10 to 20 euros, which you can easily plug into a USB port. They make a decisive difference when it comes to WLAN reception, they increase it download rates and prevent Disconnections.
  • Check WiFi router: Your wireless router may be a outdated model, which has a much weaker transmission power than more modern models. You have to spend a little more money on a new wireless router. You can order the new device, use it for two weeks and try out whether the reception improves. If this is not the case, you can send the model back within a period and your costs will be reimbursed. However, you should discuss the procedure with your provider in advance.
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