In 2021, Brazil recorded more than 245 thousand infractions for handling the cell phone while driving, reveals Abramet

Data from the National Registry of Traffic Infractions (RENAINF) reveal that in 2021 Brazil totaled 246,438 infractions for handling the cell phone while the vehicle is in motion, a penalty provided for in the Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB) being of a very serious nature resulting in seven points on the CNH driver and a fine of R$ 293.47.

As determined by Brazilian Association of Traffic Medicine (Abramet), the states that most recorded these infractions were São Paulo with more than 91 thousand occurrences in the last year, followed by Minas Gerais and Goiás with 30,843 and 16,971 infractions, respectively.


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According to the survey, every hour 28 drivers are fined for diverting attention from traffic and using their smartphone while driving. Numbers show that the relationship between cell phone and driving is the main cause of accidents with people aged 20 to 39, representing about 57% of occurrences.

According to Ronaldo Cardoso, creator of the LegTransito channel and a specialist in the CTB, the fine can be applied in different day-to-day contexts, including when the vehicle is immobilized at a red traffic light. In this case, the driver can also be penalized based on Art. 252 of the Traffic Code.

In an awareness campaign about the risks of cell phone use by drivers, Abramed launched the action “Toque pela Vida” to make the population aware of the risks of diverting the focus from the direction to an electronic device, be it a smartphone, smart watch or the car’s own multimedia center.

“Most smartphones today have technology called ‘drive mode’. You put it in a mode where if a person calls, the device automatically sends a message informing you that you are driving the vehicle and that, at the appropriate time, it will respond”, remember Abramet.

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