In 2023, FIFA will officially become EA Sports FC

This is through a press release on its official website that Electronic Arts confirmed the news: “After almost thirty years of creating major interactive football experiences, we will soon usher in a great new era. Next year EA Sports FC will become the future of football at EA Sports“. The negotiations will therefore have yielded nothing, FIFA – which we suppose demanded more money to lend its name to the series – and EA – which obviously now thinks it can do without this name which took to the top – part ways by mutual agreement.

If on the side of the organization of world football, we hammered the possibility of attaching the license to more games and no longer to a single exclusivity, at Electronic Arts, we are above all trying to reassure the community by underlining the fact that this does not change the official content of the game.”Everything you love about our games will be in EA Sports FC – the same experiences, game modes, leagues, tournaments, clubs and sports will be there. The Ultimate Team, the Career, the Pro Clubs, the VOLTA will all be there. Our unique licensing portfolio, which we have continued to invest in for decades, with over 19,000 players, 700 teams, 100 stadiums and 30 leagues, will only be available in EA Sports FC. This includes exclusive partnerships with the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and MLS – and more“, stacks Cam Weber on the official website of the publisher. Farmers League will obviously have to wait for an ounce of consideration from the side of the cantor of virtual spectacle football.

But the crux of this statement is probably in the passage that consists of presenting this name change as a “opportunity“for EA Sports,”to innovate, create and evolve“. Evoking the prospect of working with “a growing number of new partners“, to propose to “authentic new experiences“, of “reinvest in sport“, the publisher seems to give substance to the words of its boss, Andrew Wilson, reported by VGC last February. According to the sources of the American site, the latter would have presented the partnership with FIFA internally as a brake on the creativity of development – but also and above all to its commercial possibilities.”Our players are asking us for more commercial and cultural brands that speak to them, that are relevant to their markets, to be more deeply integrated into the game…Brands like Nike. Today, because of the relationship between FIFA and Adidas, we can’t do that.“, he would have said, leaving very dark clouds hanging over the license, for those who care a little about sport and simulation.

As expected, there will therefore be a FIFA 23 next fall, wanted as the most complete of the series by EA Sports, before the big dive. After ESPwe will have to learn not to talk about Fifa. It remains to be seen now if it will still be a football game.

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