In a game of marked contrasts, triperos and puncturers want to hit

In a game of marked contrasts, triperos and puncturers want to hit

Leonardo Godoy against Benjamín Domínguez, two who will meet again in the Forest / Demian Alday

The eternal confrontation of the city, the one that was born one afternoon in August 1916, is being disputed again. For the people of La Plata, “The Party”. And regardless of how one and the other arrive, of glorious spells or almost impossible to bear, of optimism or disappointment, in the previous one, DJs and triperos feel their hearts race before that blank sheet that will be completed in 90 minutes and will remain in history or it will be one of many that the collective memory will confuse in a handful of years.

Gymnastics and Students will play a new edition, the 166th edition of professionalism in our country (185 if we talk about official matches) in a match with enormous contrasts and with teams that are looking for their identity, so far far from a good performance. The match, valid for the eighth date of the Professional League, will be played at the Juan Carmelo Zerillo del Bosque stadium, will begin at 4:30 p.m. (the “autumn schedule already applies”), will be broadcast by ESPN Premium and will be directed by Facundo Tello, who for the first time will deliver justice in the La Plata derby. Tello will be accompanied on the lines by Diego Bonfá and Ezequiel Brailovsky; Pablo Giménez will be the fourth referee and at the Ezeiza property Yael Falcón Pérez will be in charge of VAR with the assistance of Diego Romero.

In the game of contrasts, teams that are at opposite ends of the summation of almanacs will face each other. While Estudiantes bet on a group with references that have registered historical pages for the club, the reality is that more than half of its holders are 33 years of age or older. On the other hand, this Gymnastics that bet on economic honesty with a very risky sports bet involved, has 37 of the 43 players born in the club and half of the team is under 21 years of age or a handful of first-class matches, as in the case of Tomás Durso, who at 24 years old has barely played 10 games as a starter in the healthy mens arc.

A Wolf with many juveniles and a Student with a majority of greats will face each other in the Forest

Also within the chiaroscuro of the campaigns, Gimnasia has won only one game so far this year and was eliminated in an unusual match of the Argentine Cup against a rival from Primera C like Excursionistas. However, as the vast majority of fans understand the situation, Sebastián Romero (one of the club’s most beloved idols) has not received much questioning. On the other hand, Abel Balbo had to leave because he was unable to manage a team with a large financial investment and players who have more history than him in the institution. Eduardo Domínguez’s cycle began with a victory against Huracán’s substitutes that restored the hope of the fans, although he must build the identity that he wants from his team.

El Lobo will present two variants, with the return of Matías Melluso for Matíaz Bazzi and the surprise start for Franco Soldano instead of the suspended Enrique. Instead, Estudiantes will repeat the training, something unusual so far this year. In a handful of hours, all these considerations will be put aside. And another story will be written.

Everything you need to know in advance

• Opening of the stadium: The doors will open at 13.30.

•Police operation: There will be 650 troops in charge of security.

• Only for members: There will be no sale of generals or stalls.

• Capacity: The municipal qualification of the stage is for 30,973 spectators.

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