In addition to legumes and cabbage that swell the belly, these are the killer behaviors of the flat stomach

Following a healthy diet and practicing a little physical activity are two fundamental rules for guaranteeing a long and peaceful life. Furthermore, feeling good also brings significant benefits in the sphere of relationships, contributes to having more self-awareness and greater self-confidence. Just as our ancient fathers said, mens sana in corpore sano. In this, nature offers a great help in the choice of food. For example, we can fill up on vitamin D with this typically autumn side dish against joint pain.

Just as it helps to keep us fit with its many products rich in micro and macronutrients able to counteract significant ailments and pathologies. For example, on Sundays we fill up on omega 3 with this unusual skewer to give cholesterol a push. But if despite adopting a healthy and balanced diet we continually feel bloated, it means that we are doing something wrong. In fact, in addition to legumes and cabbage that swell the belly, these are the killer behaviors of the flat stomach that we will shortly illustrate.

To counteract the swelling we could adopt these measures

In fact, we often persist in eating one thing rather than another, without knowing that our discomfort does not depend on the food, but on how we prepare it. For example, if we love lentils we could take precautions to avoid swelling and discomfort. Simply use peeled lentils. Finding a swollen belly is not only an aesthetic discomfort but also a physical one, because it makes us feel excessive fullness and a really annoying abdominal tension.

This is why it is important to know not only the foods to avoid, but also the best way to prepare and combine them. For example, in order not to give up legumes, we could cook them by adding a little bicarbonate to the water. Or adding aromatic herbs such as mint, basil or fennel seeds to counteract the swelling. To limit the discomfort created by bloating, we should not necessarily give up vegetables and their important health benefits. Also in this case it will be enough to prepare them in the right way. For example by passing them or prefer them raw or lightly seared.

In addition to legumes and cabbage that swell the belly, these are the killer behaviors of the flat stomach

After paying particular attention to the food to avoid, but above all, to be prepared in the best way, we should follow correct behaviors. In fact, some behaviors are really bad for a flat stomach. First of all we should eat slowly and in the quantities suitable for our figure and our needs, in order to promote digestion.

We could then decrease the daily tensions and relax, perhaps by practicing a sport or another softer activity such as pilates or yoga. Furthermore, we should avoid chewing too much gum, drinking through a straw and drinking alcoholic beverages. Finally, a spoonful after meals may be enough to immediately eliminate stomach acid without drugs and feel incredibly light.

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