In all discretion, Amazon slaughters the price of MacBook Air M1 🔥

Apple has never been a fan of discounts, it just never does. On the other hand, it is still possible to find discounts on its devices at online merchants, this is the case today with these offers put forward by the Amazon site. For Black Friday, the online merchant sees the big picture, drastically lowering the prices of MacBook Air M1s and MacBook Pro M1s. Here are the offers for this Friday:

To discover the offers on MacBooks at Amazon, it’s here:

See the MacBook Air M1

See the MacBook Pro M1

These laptops are among the latest models presented by Apple, both models feature the excellent M1 chip designed in-house by Apple. You can save $ 130 on the MacBook Air M1 while the reduction jumps to $ 200 with the MacBook Pro M1. You are sure to get a bargain no matter which version you grab from Amazon. The only constraint is to act as quickly as possible to arrive on time: stocks are very limited, they will be taken by storm in a few hours.

The MacBook Air M1 is entitled to the same benefits on Amazon

As Apple does not offer discounts, you have to look to online merchants like Amazon to find nuggets. It’s done with these great instant discounts on MacBook Air M1 and MacBook Pro M1. This is the best price available on laptops. However, the platform is not only limited to discounts, it also offers the same advantages as the apple brand.

Indeed, the MacBook Air M1 and MacBook Pro M1 both come with a two-year manufacturer warranty. It also lasts a long time at Apple and is responsible for covering any manufacturing defects. At that, you can choose Apple Care + insurance on Amazon. Otherwise, it is possible to visit the official website within 60 days of ordering your laptop to ensure full protection.

Amazon also ensures a fast and efficient delivery time, the MacBook Air M1 or the MacBook Pro M1 is delivered free of charge to your home (or parcel relay) in just a few days even if the online merchant has been in the middle of Black Friday since beginning of November. Afterwards, you have every right to go to the official Apple stores in case of questions, the Genius Bar will take care of meeting your expectations.

See the MacBook Air M1

It is also possible to pay for the MacBook Air M1 or the MacBook Pro M1 in four installments free of charge at Amazon. If you want to spread the payment over time, this is possible at the online merchant. In addition, you have until January 31, 2022 to change your mind on the computer, this gives you plenty of time to return the product for free with the return slip for a full refund. The only thing that really changes between Amazon and Apple is the price. There is no doubt that this is the last time of the year that these models are entitled to such a price reduction, it will certainly take months to find similar offers on these models.

Why fall for this MacBook Air M1?

The MacBook Air M1 is the latest model in Apple’s Air line, it has been available on the market for about a year. Don’t be fooled by its design similar to that of the previous version, this recent laptop is a performance monster. This is also the case with the MacBook Pro M1, which is even more powerful than its counterpart: in both cases, you are making an excellent investment for a device that will be able to be effective over time.

In detail, the MacBook Air M1 is entitled to a beautiful 13-inch diagonal Retina screen. Like the previous models, it retains all the advantages of the Air range with a light weight of only 1.2 kilograms. Thin and handy, it is easily transported without taking up space, making it the perfect companion for professional use. But that’s not all, this model can count on its extraordinary power.

Indeed, the integration of the M1 chip gives the MacBook Air M1 excellent technical qualities. There is a general improvement in performance and autonomy, which makes it one of the best laptops on the market. Its battery goes up to about 13 hours with traditional use, few competing models are able to do better.

Whether it’s design or user experience, the MacBook Air M1 has everything it takes to become your next laptop. With such an offer put forward by Amazon, its value for money becomes irresistible. The same goes for the MacBook Pro M1, knowing that both models come with the excellent macOS operating system and Apple’s full ecosystem. On a daily basis, you are sure to benefit from a fluid and intuitive experience.

To see the offers on MacBooks, it’s here:

See the MacBook Air M1

See the MacBook Pro M1

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