In Alsace, a mycologist hits the web with his videos on mushrooms


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Dan is a mushroom specialist. A passion that he shares every week with the ten thousand subscribers of his YouTube channel. Walks in the undergrowth to learn to identify mushrooms and understand their environment.

He created his YouTube channel “Picking Mushrooms“during the summer of 2020, driven by a desire for nature and sharing after leaving the first confinement. Since then, Dan has been walking through the Alsatian forest with his basket, his knife and his phone to share his passion for mushrooms and provide valuable advice to Internet users who follow him, his “mushrooms” as he calls them.

And if he is happy to share all his knowledge of mycology, there is one thing he keeps secret, it is the location of his mushroom wedges in these immense Alsatian forests: “It’s our little secret garden, our corners we preserve, we protect them“.

Advice, identification, Dan (who also remains secret about his identity and his true profession) wants to allow everyone to familiarize themselves with the complex universe of mushrooms, by popularizing mycology as much as possible. In his videos, he teaches novices the right things to do, but also teaches them how to perpetuate their mushroom corners and to take good habits.

A passion for mycology that dates back to childhood and which even recently pushed him to graduate from university. “Get away from it all, go out with friends to collect mushrooms. We necessarily picked up mushrooms that were not edible and I had my dad who took us to have them checked by mycologist pharmacists. And it was always an unforgettable moment” , remembers the youtubeur mycologist with ten thousand subscribers.


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