In Aparté: Franck Dubosc upset by evoking his deceased father (VIDEO)

This Wednesday, June 22, Franck Dubosc was invited to the loft ofAs an aside. The actor took the opportunity to talk about his career in the cinema and on the boards. The opportunity also for him to return to his close relationship with his father Lucien, who died in 2002.

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Every night of the week, a new celebrity confides in Nathalie Levy in the loft ofAs an aside on Canal+. This Wednesday, June 22, Frank Dubosc settled in this apartment fitted out to discuss its current events, and in particular the cinema release of the film rumba life, on August 24. The star of Camping indulged in a few secrets about her career and her private life. But above all, Franck Dubosc could not contain his tears by evoking his father, very proud of him, who died twenty years ago.

Franck Dubosc is the pride of his father

At the end of the 90s, Franck Dubosc met with enormous success on the boards thanks to his one-man shows. He then played in small rooms like the Théâtre de Dix-Heures in Paris, but quickly needed more space to accommodate his audience. He then performed at the Splendid and at the Comédie de Paris. In 2002, it is the consecration for the humorist since he fills the Olympia. A place so dear to him and to those of his father, who died that same year of Charcot’s disease. “He dreamed of me being at the Olympia. He had made me a little drawing, trembling, of me on stage“, he remembers. Lucien Dubosc really wanted to see him in this mythical Parisian room before he broke into the cinema, but in reality, Franck Dubosc thinks he has made his father proud long before that.

Franck Dubosc’s tears flow when he talks about his deceased dad

Franck Dubosc then remembers a story that was told to him. Her father once went to a basketball game and found himself behind people talking about his child. Proud dad, he interrupted their conversation: “He tapped them on the shoulder, saying, it’s my son“, he says before being overwhelmed with emotion. “I don’t want to talk too much about him. I know he was proud, but he didn’t say anything to me. It’s not serious“, he adds very moved. But the one who shot in The last parta TV movie devoted to Charcot’s disease, is struggling to recover and tears flow: As soon as we talk about him, it’s terrible.

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