In Colo Colo they are still annoyed with Facundo Ferreyra

A surprise of proportions was the one that the leadership of Black and white Friday at the closing of the pass book. This, because when everything was ready for the arrival of Argentine striker Facundo Ferreyra, where even the contracts were already being drafted, the “Chuky” surprisingly notified the sports manager Daniel Moron, that I would not go to Colo Colo, despite the fact that he had given his word a day before.

The situation took the leaders by total surprise, who moved quickly to be able to close with a player before the closing of the pass book and it was like that, like the Venezuelan Christian Santos became the new white reinforcement.

Of course, in Colo Colo they are still upset by the actions of “Chuky” Ferreyra and the president of B & N, Edmundo Valladares, so he did know.

“More than telling us if he was disrespectful or not, when one has a verbal agreement and has made progress in the preparation of contracts by the lawyers and the player’s representative and finally without further explanation at the last minute we are told that the player does not come It is a situation that seems very bad to us, that we do not share“Valladares said.

This is not how things are done, when we agree, we comply and in this case the player had no conviction of reaching and we focus on Christian Santos and that Colo Colo finishes at the top, “added the helmsman.

In Colo Colo they now focus on the remainder of the National Championship where the objective is to maintain the leadership and lower the star 33.

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