In Colo Colo they assure that priorities changed after the fall of Martín Rodríguez: “We are looking for a foreign midfielder or winger”

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At the press conference this Wednesday, Gustavo Quinteros warned that the failed signing of Tin forced a change in plans regarding the use of the foreign quota released by Christian Santos.

Gustavo Quinteros warns that the plans have changed to use the foreign quota released by Christian Santos.
© ONE AgencyGustavo Quinteros warns that the plans have changed to use the foreign quota released by Christian Santos.

Colo Colo still hasn’t been able to secure any reinforcements in this transfer market, which has Gustavo Quinteros concerned, who addressed this situation again at this morning’s press conference.

In that sense, the strategist stated that “I am in contact with our sports manager all the time, is working on that issue and is trying to fix the problem as soon as possible. We hope that until the last day of the closing of the transfer book we can incorporate players that we need to have more variants”.

Although everything indicated that the quota of foreigners released by Christian Santos was going to be occupied in a central defenderthe failed arrival of Martín Rodríguez forced to change the plans of the technical director who expressed his intentions to incorporate someone in that position.

In the first instance, the DT assured that “at the beginning we were going to replace Emiliano with Ramiro González, but unfortunately he could not stay. There we began to look for alternatives and those that exist within a club budget do not leave me too satisfied”.

Later, he argued that “When we found out that Martín wasn’t going to make it to the club, we started looking for flyers or wingers to replace him. once and for all. There are alternatives to bring a foreign defender or a wingerWe only have one slot left.”

It should be noted that Colo Colo is running out of time to tie up his reinforcements with a view to the Copa Sudamericana round of 16 key against Internacional de Porto Alegre, since the deadline set by Conmebol to deliver its list in good faith is until Saturday June 25 at 6:00 p.m.

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