In Colo Colo they count the days to have a Monumental with 30 thousand fans

A few days ago the Government announced modifications to the Step by Step Plan that directly involves outdoor sporting events, such as the Colo Colo matches at the Monumental stadium.

The modifications to the Ruca would be the following, depending on the phase in which the commune of Macul is located.

-Restriction (Phase 1): 8,733 people (20% of the Monumental capacity)

-Transition (Phase 2): 13,100 people (30% of the Monumental capacity)

-Preparation (Phase 3): 26,200 people (60% of the Monumental capacity)

-Initial Opening (Phase 4): 30,566 people (70% of the Monumental capacity)

-Advanced Opening (Phase 5): 43,667 people (100% of the Monumental capacity)

Given this, Edmundo Valladares, president of Blanco y Negro, referred to this situation in a press conference and made it clear that talks have already begun to increase capacity.

“Our intention is to fill the Monumental as soon as possible. The good signs that are being given seem good to us and we have had some conversations, with the authority, the Ministry of Sports. We are prepared for this increase in capacity, we look forward to it, but We do not have the confirmation and the health authority is the one that has to deliver the formal communication “, he expressed.

Monumental Stadium can have a 70% capacity

Finally he added that, “We are prepared, there is a previous work since this began and there is work at the logistical level and at all levels that allow us to wait for that great moment because we want the Monumental stadium to be full of high hills and high hills”.

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