In Colo Colo they do not close to go for Fabián Orellana

Colo Colo won the first round of the Copa Chile semifinals in a resounding way, beating Unión Española 4-0 at the Monumental Stadium and taking a very important step to the very final of the contest.

Daniel Morón, general manager of Blanco y Negro, analyzed what was this return of the fans to the Monumental in conversation with DaleAlbo, stating that “Upon arrival, you could already feel that murmur again. I know that many players were waiting for the public. The Monumental looked more crowded than many of the other stadiums I have seen. Apart from winning how it was won, receiving the applause before, to Solari, Falcón, who are players who became emblems in the short term because of what they experienced. What was experienced in social networks, was witnessed from the stands “.

In addition, the Parrot took the time to comment on how the search for reinforcements is going, transparent that “We are in search, we are trying to accommodate the requests in some way. Is not easy. We had a fully arranged reinforcement, everything ready and, unfortunately, these things that destiny has made it impossible to arrive. But we keep searching, we don’t stop. It is not easy, you have to combine a lot of situations. Economic, finding the player of your taste and all that is not easy. But we are very willing to find and fix things. These triumphs help a lot, they are a balm to navigate in calm waters ”.

Finally, it was stopped to analyze the option that Fabián Orellana or Víctor Dávila end up arriving at the Monumental. “Fabián Orellana is a spectacular name. He like Dávila and many others. Who would not want to have them on their campus. You have to find out how it can be done “, he concluded.

The Cacique must now get ready to return to action in the 2021 National Championship, receiving Sports Antofagasta at the Monumental this Saturday, August 21 from 4:30 p.m. by date 17 of the tournament.

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