In Colo Colo they do not worry about the result that Calera may have with the U

Colo Colo could have a perfect close in the first round of the National Championship. If he wins Deportes Antofagasta, at least he will sleep 24 hours at the top of the standings, waiting for Calera to yield points to Universidad de Chile. However, for Brayan Cortés it is not the game they should worry about.

“All the games are important. We have the pressure ourselves, we do not look at other teams. We worry about winning, then if the results are good. We are focused on our business, it is super important to beat Antofagasta ”, he said.

Subsequently, the goalkeeper focused on the Cacique’s next challenge and highlighted the level of Los Pumas and their forwards. “Eduard (Bello) is an important player, but he has more unbalancing players, they make a lot of differences. We know what we have worked on, we know how they play, the important thing is to stand up and play our game “, he expressed.

For the same reason, for who could be the white captain, in the absence of Gabriel Suazo, it is essential to continue adding three points and win at home. “We are at home and we have to go find the game”, he assured.

Brayan Cortés is undisputed in the portico of Colo Colo | Photo: Agencia Uno.

At the end, he referred to the support of the people. “It is super important for us that people are vibrating the game, it gives you a push, it makes you feel. That gives us pride and happiness. Above all, for the moment that we are living. Happy that you enjoy with us at home“, Hill.

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