"In Colo Colo they taught me that you fight until the end, it is the game that I have to win": The hopeful message of Lizardo Garrido

Chilean football is aware of what happens with Lizardo Garrido. It is that the news of his delicate state of health worried not only the Colocolinos, but also fans of all teams, because of what the figure of Chano means in national football.

Although the medical part was known by the German Clinic, no further news was known about the current state of the former defender of the Cacique. However, the Champion of America, with the humility and disposition that characterizes him, agreed to talk with LUN and told details in recent days.

Regarding the diagnosis of leukemia, an emotional Garrido pointed out that “I’m going to fight until the end, I’m sure of that. It makes me sad to see myself in the conditions I am in and to realize how many people love me. It has been a great madness and the words that my former colleagues gave me in the WhatsApp chat of the Eternal Champion, Colo Colo ’91 and my fellow cadets they are the most powerful and strong, the ones that reach my soul”.

The former national team player explains his emotion “because I was with some today and they talk to me about such beautiful things. I don’t know how they got in. Barti wine, Bocón Ormeño, Vasco (Severino Vasconcelos), Chino CaszelyI don’t know where they came from. They manage somehow. Also Pedro García and Arturo Salah”.

Chano’s hospitalization was a surprise for everyone. Is that the colocolino idol was in good health and working on attracting young promises for Colo Colo. Thus, it was he himself who told how his hospitalization occurred.

“I was fine, it only started with the herpes that I had on my right arm in the form of white spots that burned and caused a lot of pain. I went to the doctor, they did tests and they found leukemia. On Thursday they hospitalized me.

Despite the diagnosis they gave him, Lizardo Garrido does not lower his arms and will continue fighting until the end: “I am grateful to the people of the country. Colo Colo taught me to fight to the end. In Colo Colo taught me since I was a child, when I entered at 15 years old, that the fight must be given until the end, until the end. They taught me never to lower my arms, to never surrender, that you can play well or badly, but you have to leave life on the court. This is the most important game in my life and it’s the one I have to win.”

The last few years for the former footballer have been very hard. It is that, in 2008, he had to mourn the death of his lifelong partner, Myriam. Many were very worried about his state of mind, until he understood how to cope.

“I had a very bad time with Myriam, I cried for a whole year and then I understood that I have to love her from another place. Men can’t be alone, it’s really crazy, and of course, Myriam was with me for 40-odd years. I will remember her for the rest of my life, but there are also people who are with me, who have helped me, who have taken the dirt off of her. If she lived? She would tell me that I do not have to leave her alone and that I must fight.”

Finally, El Flaco told what are the steps to follow to fight this damn disease. With his characteristic optimism, he noted that “They told me that he has a comeback and that I must put effort into it and desire to want to leave. I start with treatment tonight and in the week I continue. They give me platelets. They are looking for the best treatment. I know I have a serious, difficult issue. That’s why I’m in the ICU.”

From Dale Albo we reiterate our best wishes for Chano and all his close circle. You will come out playing like that night at La Bombonera against Boca Juniors. Let’s go again, Chanito!

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