In Eure, an Ehpad was the victim of a ransomware cyberattack

In Eure, an Ehpad was the victim of a ransomware cyberattack

The hackers have not yet made a ransom demand for the data that has been encrypted. The establishment indicated that the care of patients had not been modified.

The Beuzeville nursing home (in Eure) was the victim of a cyberattack on Wednesday August 24, we learned from the Le Havre hospital group, support hospital for the establishment for the elderly, which ensures that the taking in charge of patients was “not impacted”.

This attack carried out using ransomware resulted in “an inaccessible information system” and “sensitive data was encrypted”, said the communication department of the Le Havre hospital.

The computer network of the other establishments of the hospital group has been isolated and the process of returning to normal is underway, according to the hospital. The management, which had not received a “formal ransom demand”, announced that it will file a complaint.

The Cryptolocker software, which appeared in 2013, encrypts the data on the targeted servers and demands a ransom, most often payable in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, to lift the encryption.

“White plan triggered”

A “white plan” was triggered and a crisis unit made up of 14 people activated, according to a press release from the hospital management. “Patient care is not impacted,” he said.

In this Ehpad, where 55 agents work for 60 residents, “the incident remains relatively isolated, there are ten computer stations and a server concerned. Degraded procedures have been put in place but there is not the same impact as in a hospital,” said the communications department.

The computer attack against the Sud Francilien hospital center (CHSF) in Corbeil-Essonnes, south-east of Paris, on the night of Saturday 20 to Sunday 21 severely disrupted its services. A ransom demand of $10 million, formulated in English, was demanded by the hacker(s).

Victoria Beurnez with AFP

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