In female Colo Colo they have only one objective: "We prepare to be champions"

Colo Colo female will have a key game in his fight for the title this Wednesday, since from 8:00 p.m. you will receive Santiago Morning in the Monumental stadium and the Venezuelan defense, Anabel Guzman, assured that it is important to win to continue with the objective of achieving the title.

“We take tomorrow’s game with the same effort as against all our rivals. We know it is an important and complicated team, but we are preparing in the same way as in all the previous ones“said Guzmán.

The Venezuelan revealed that together with the coach Luis Mena they have done a special job to block the bohemian game and leave the three points in the Monumental.

“We have been able to analyze some little things about the rival, but always focusing on our game ideology. Greater variants will not be. It lies in being focused and concentrated. We have to specify the plays that can be made within the game, “he said.

When asked if this commitment has more relevance than the rest, he assured that “It is a game that is taken with the same seriousness as any other. Obviously it has its different feelings. One prepares to see Colo Colo at the top. We are preparing to be champions and this is one more step “.

Finally, he referred to the thorn that they have in the squad and that they hope to fulfill in this tournament. “Since 2017 we cannot qualify, but each club has its moments. I think this is the time for Colo Colo. We will go for everything. We are working for it. My teammates are all in being champions. ”

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