In Japan, we found a way to fight PS5 speculators

It’s a fact, Sony’s PS5 is preparing (already!) To celebrate its first anniversary. The console has in fact been available in certain territories since November 11, 2020, while France had to wait until the 19th of the same month to take advantage of it. A year later, the console is still and still untraceable in stores, and even today, many people acquire a PS5 with the sole aim of reselling it at a higher price. A rather nauseating speculation, which affects all regions of the globe, including Japan.

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An effective technique to counter the resale of PS5?

So some “buyers”Have specialized in the purchase of PS5, to resell it on eBay, LeBonCoin or elsewhere, at a price significantly higher than the € 499 officially required. In Japan, the shop Nojima Denki has, however, found a rather effective counter to the scalpers. Indeed, the store has decided to write the name and first name of each buyer of a PS5, directly on the box of the latter. Simply.

In this way, whoever will acquire a PS5 in this shop, will leave under his arm with a box on which his identity appears, the whole being obviously thought out so as not to be able to be erased. An indelible marking which obviously complicates resale, as speculators do not necessarily want to see their real identity be disseminated in nature. For each purchase of a PS5, you must therefore present an official identity document.

Note that in addition to the marking on the console box, the brand’s employees are also responsible for entering the buyer’s information on the box that houses the DualSense in order, again, to complicate the resale of the device. the machine on the second-hand market. To see now if this trend will come to democratize on the archipelago or not. In France, we obviously hope to be able to quickly buy a PS5 in stores in a calm manner in the near future, but this will not be the case before (at least) 2022 …

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