In La Plata, the neighbors put together a "insecurity map" to know which are the “hottest areas”

In Los Hornos crime does not give respite and in the midst of the commotion due to some violent events that have occurred in recent days, the neighbors decided to put together a map of insecurity “to know which are the hottest areas of the town.” The idea is also “to reflect reality, since the statistics are based on complaints that are often not made because the truth is that nothing happens.”

The initiative was launched by Daniel Arrippe, a local resident who participates in assemblies and claims about crime. Through a Facebook account, he proposed that the inhabitants of the area send the address of the robberies suffered lately and the modality used by the thieves. According to what he said, so far this week he has received about 100 robberies.

“I started a week ago asking the neighbors to pass me the robberies that they had suffered here in Los Hornos. The idea is to make a map to know the most complicated areas for the robberies, the modality and if the victims made the complaints,” he explained. .

According to him, “when you go to raise the issue at the Ministry of Security, they tell you that the statistics are low, they tell you that there is no complaint.” In this sense, he stressed that although “it is no longer necessary to go to the police station to file a complaint, now there is an app from the Ministry that takes the complaint directly, receives it from the prosecutor’s office and sends everything anonymously to the police station,” for On the other hand, people don’t file complaints because “there is disbelief due to the fact that nothing happens, people say that nothing is recovered, they don’t catch the thieves, it’s a waste of time.”

What he is looking for with the map, he said, “is to have one more chance. The statistics say one thing but the reality is this.”

As for access to the map, he assured that “it will soon be available on Google Maps.” “There they will mark the places where there were robberies. For what we have been seeing the most complicated thing are the entrances,” she stated. And he described that “the idea is to put it in public and that each neighbor enters the robbery data, or they pass it on to me in case they can’t and I enter it.” “In a week I had about 100 robberies to put on the map,” he said.

As can be seen from the data recorded by the neighbors, the points of the town where more robberies occur are in the sector further west, from 143 avenue. Although insecurity also punishes the central part bordering the 137 avenue. While the modalities range from entrances to robberies on public roads, many of them armed and violent with beatings included.

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