In Lille, the "Don't Skip" exhibition, presented as part of the Series Mania Festival, gives pride of place to the credits of the series

In Lille, the “Don’t Skip” exhibition, presented as part of the Series Mania Festival, gives pride of place to the credits of the series

“The Addams Family”, “Dallas”, “Magnum” or even “The Crown”, are all series that have been a hit on television screens or platforms. As part of the Series Mania Festival in Lille, the “Don’t Skip” exhibition looks back on the credits that have marked the history of the series until March 24.

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If the credits are catchy, the series will be good. We all remember an image, a melody or a face printed on the credits of our favorite series. The Little House On The Prairie with the Ingalls family on their trailer, Friends and his cult song, Dallas and the characters of his ruthless universe. They are all there. Proposed as part of the Series Mania Festival, the exhibition Don’t Skip at the Lille Tripostal goes through the pop and inventive history of series credits.

Between advertising, design and narrative art, credits are the gateways to the stories that we have loved so much for several decades. They are admired and yet threatened by the new uses of platforms because it is easy to skip them, as Olivier Joyard, the exhibition’s Artistic Advisor, explains: ” In fact, the channels think that the credits are the easiest to skip since it’s the same every time. Except that I think that, on the contrary, it’s our intimate relationship with the series, what makes us want to come back is to see this credits again each time, like a security blanket or a Madeleine de Proust”.

The credits of the series at the Tripostal in Lille
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An alternate journey through series history

On the program of this exhibition presented as part of the Festival Seriesmania : cult objects like the costumes of the famous British series Bowler hat and leather boots, decryptions of the vertiginous fall of Mad Men, interactive experiences and dives behind the scenes of creation with the secrets of the credits of Friends or even the preparatory drawing of Winterfelle on the map of the credits of Game of Thrones. Also with Mission Impossible, The Sopranos or Magnumit’s a great visual and auditory stroll through the world of all the series which, over time, have marked generations of viewers.

Each year, there are nearly 72,000 amateurs who would not miss, for anything in the world, this international and essential event created in Paris in 2010 and installed in Lille since 2018. For 8 days, the public has something to enjoy with the best international series projected on a giant screen. Meetings are also organized during master classes with the most renowned personalities in the world of the small screen, such as Marcia Cross alias Bree Van de Kamp, one of the heroines of Desperate HouseWives.

An incredible program with no less than 57 French and international series not to be missed until the end credits on March 24 of this 5th edition of Series Mania.

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