“In love”: the romantic journey of Gime Accardi and Nico Vázquez

Moan Accardi and Nico Vázquez are one of the most beloved couples in Argentine entertainment, since, since they began their love story, they have managed to win the affection of their audience and grow together in the artistic world with some theatrical works.

for some time, Moan Accardi and Nico, in the company of Benjamín Rojas, have been able to carry out the play “Una semana nada más”, with which the actress and the producer have managed to travel almost all of Argentina, to show their impressive talent.

The couple traveled to the north of Argentina, to continue the presentations of their work “Una semana nada más”, which has been very well accepted by the public since the time Flor Vigna got into Sofía’s skin.

Even, in one of the tours in Mar del Plata, Moan Accardi He suffered a spectacular accident when walking his dog: he fractured his arm and his shoulder was displaced. Due to this incident, she had to undergo reconstruction surgery and this took her away from the tables for several months.

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